Best Outdoor Recreation Activities

Sports can be great recreational leisure activities, aside from being fun and competitive, they can be really beneficial for your health. There are many outdoor activities you can do in your recreational time, which can stimulate your body and increase your fitness level. Spend your free time doing valuable recreational activities. The following outdoor recreational activities can enhance your overall fitness and bring general enjoyment to your everyday routine. Build your strength and endurance by taking on some of these recreation activities in your spare time.

Cross-Country Skiing

Snow boardingCross-country skiing can be an all-body workout, involving trekking and skiing. It is a winter activity and may not be for everyone but is a great exercise if you are up for a challenge. Each motion incorporates the shoulders, chest, back, core and legs, resulting in the capability to burn about 600 to 900 calories per hour. Consider learning from an instructor, which includes an all-inclusive height safety training, and borrowing equipment from friends to learn the essentials of the cross-country ski. This recreational activity can be turned into a family trip or yearly tradition during the winter months.

The ease of hammering on a trekking backpack and hitting the road makes backpacking one of the five best outdoor sports and recreational activities for a workout. Backpacking and hiking trips can range from short day hikes to multi-day expeditions on easy trails to technical climbs. Irrespective of the intensity and duration of the backpacking trip, you burn a substantial number of calories while experiencing the great outdoors. You can find walking trails nearby in your state, or be adventurous and do some travelling to more remote locations. Backpacking for one hour can burn 600 to 700 calories per hour while constructing lower body power and stamina.

Running is a classic outdoor sport and recreational activity, and one of the most appropriate for building endurance, stamina and muscle fitness when burning calories. It’s also a chance to spend some time with friends and family and requires only minimal gear and coaching. Running can burn many calories an hour and you can increase that level together with the rugged outdoor terrain, such as hills or running surface. Your city should have many free-running trails and parks in which you can utilise, travel a long distance on foot and reward yourself after a good run. All famous personal trainers would recommend running as a recreational activity. Some people may prefer a stair run outdoors to enhance their fitness routine and for this, be sure that the outdoor wood stairs are non-slippery to avoid any potential injury that may arise.

Learning how to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage for kids, but cycling can give a life of exercise and recreation. You can ride the bicycle on paved streets or paths along with off-road trails to experience remote locations from the mountains or forests. Together with burning calories each day, cycling builds lower body strength while enhancing balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Cycling is a great recreational activity to do with friends or a group of other cycling enthusiasts. It is important to ensure that the cycle used for long journeys must be properly serviced and coated well with the right stain and varnish to avoid rusting from excessive use. With a few precautionary measures, this can be one of your most memorable cycling trips.

Swimming is notorious for providing a high body total body workout, but it is also one of the greatest outdoor sports. It is possible to vary your swimming action from freestyle swimming to aqua aerobics in the outdoor pool or neighbourhood lake. Swimming is a frequent alternative to running, biking or trekking when the weather turns hot. Swimming promotes strength and coordination as well as being a vital life survival skill. Whether you are a recreational once a month swimmer or take part in serious training, swimming is a healthy activity and can also clear your mind when things get stressful. Being an occasional swimmer who prefers using their personal backyard pool, always be sure to maintain the pool well by changing or cleaning the water from time to time, maintaining the right level of chlorine in the pool to avoid any skin or respiratory conditions, and finally be sure to clean the floor or bed of the pool frequently to maintain a healthy pool ready for your perfect leisure time.

A recreational activity you can do in your very own backyard or home. Build a small veggie patch or get some window pot planters with fresh herb. Gardening is a great outdoor activity, spending time in the fresh air and moving around by digging, reaching and walking around stimulates physical health as well as creativity. Get out into your garden and do some tree pruning to keep the hedges clean, not need to call the tree cutting companies when you can do it all yourself and get some exercise out of it. This doesn’t just have to be limited to gardening activities, you could also mix it up a bit by giving your garden a new paint for the floors or coat the fences with natural oil. Plenty of intricate yet fun activities you can indulge yourself in when in your backyard.

Team Sports
Team sports are a great recreational activity to keep active as well as socialise. Consider joining a netball, hockey or basketball team for fun. The training sessions and weekly games will keep you fit and bring you enjoyment. Plus you get to look professional and wear sublimated basketball uniforms to the games and really feel apart of a team. Basketball will get your adrenaline up and give you your cardio fix. Time to get out your basketball shirts and hit the court in style with the team. Some games may be indoors, but drills and training outdoors will increase physical fitness as well as promoting mental strategic thinking and competitive match planning.

Fishing is a fun outdoor activity where the whole family can get involved. Simply being out on the ocean is a great way to spend recreation time, absorbing the fresh salty air and being in a different environment. Fishing is also a fun social activity to do with friends on the weekend and on holidays. Relax on the beach after a long day of fishing and enjoy the sunset and the great natural surroundings of the seashore.

Canoeing and Kayaking
Get your upper body fit and strong with some canoeing and kayaking, as well as enjoying outdoor surroundings. You can canoe on permitted city lakes and rivers or travel out of the city and into the caves and cliffs of the shore. Take a day trip and enjoy the leisure of exploring hidden caves and splashing with friends. You can even join a canoeing group or compete in competitions around the country.

Get straight into the ocean and have some fun with surfing. Surfing helps improve balance and coordination and of course, swimming for all the times you will fall into the ocean. Surfing is great for beginners and children and is mostly about having fun. Make sure you get an instructor well trained in occupational first aid and don’t just learn by yourself if you have never surfed before, there is some technique and knowledge of conditions involved. Pace yourself and don’t rush, just slowly build your skills over time with this recreational activity.