7 Differentiation Luxury Hotel Amenities

Personal servants, personal swimming pools, drivers, personal shoppers — all these are simply some of the added benefits which luxury resorts implement and provide to create unforgettable enjoyment to their visitors and make a true storytelling hotel. The number of ideas to indulge guests may become never ending.

Rather than go over the more elaborate characteristics that luxury resorts offer, in this article we list down really simple perks and luxury resort amenities found in certain luxury resorts that genuinely make a visitor’s stay unforgettable.

Some of them are so straightforward, it’s surprising how they provide a maximum impact.

1. Chauffer Check-In

While most luxury resorts already offer private airport transfers and pick-ups, some hotels go the extra mile by commencing the check-in procedure on the move.

This is ideal for hotels, that are located very far from the airport and that have guests coming late at night or early in the morning.

2. Mobile Phones

You will find he Shangri-La Maldives now supplies their customers with cellular phones when they check in for numerous factors. To begin with, the hotel is sprawling and so spacious that many guests want hotel buggies to shuttle them to different points around the hotel such as from the breakfast area, back to your room.

Occasionally, visitors also ought to be picked up from specific places and it is simpler for them to simply get the telephone and dial to get a buggy and inform of where in the hotel they are. It is the Uber for the hotel industry.

Second, the mobile smartphone also has the guest’s individual butler’s own number saved so that the butler literally is only a telephone call away from being at service to their guests.

Third, the direct numbers for the resort’s restaurants, spa and other amenities can also be saved in the phone so if a guest, by way of instance, at the centre of appreciating their breakfast suddenly consider booking a spa therapy, they are able to do this quite easily.

3. Breakfast and Drinks Anytime, Anywhere

It is great when hotels make it possible for guests to finish breakfast past mid-day, but you know what is better? When your resort breakfast has no set end time at all.

The Kayumanis Resort at Jimbaran, Bali provides this amenity. Breakfast anytime throughout the day (or even night) and it may also be sent to a villa at no excess price. This together with free afternoon tea everyday which, can be served at the comforts of your own villa.

You barely see other guests at the public regions of the resort if you don’t want to, therefore it is amazing to find that the hotel is often at 100 percent capacity when it seems empty.

4. Complimentary City Pick Up/ Drop Off Service

This amenity is offered mainly by hotels or resorts and waterfront accommodation which are pretty far away from town central, however there are a number of centrally-located resorts which also give the service.

Some resorts perform a van / shuttle that departs from the hotel at particular times and vice versa, however the more luxe brands and properties provide personal services for it.

5. Luggage Forwarding Service

Hotel groups like Starwood Hotels Provide a bag forwarding service for guests, whether they are incoming or leaving.

This includes a packaging service for guests and saves guests a great deal of worries and time of ensuring their items arrive safely.

Even though the forwarding service isn’t complimentary, as it entails third party freight companies, many hotels don’t charge a fee in addition to the transport / forwarding support.

This service is excellent (and sometimes essential) for resorts which are situated in shopping capitals.