European Summertime Destinations for Shopping

Summer is a time for travelling and enjoying the sun, and you will require a new wardrobe to take on your next experience. Why don’t you select a destination which combines both? Read our manual to the cheapest and best places to go shopping for clothes and men’s and women’s shoes in Europe while enjoying a summer holiday.


Lisbon, Portugal


Arguably the most popular destination in Europe in the present time, Americans considering filling up their suitcases with genuine and lovely garments should head over to Portugal. Currently offering approximately 88 cents for a buck, shopping in Lisbon is a superb place to get started. Pick up bespoke women’s casual shoes to cherish forever at Sapataria do Carmo or look at Lanidor for sale pieces.


Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh, UK


Say a prayer for the UK, who have not seen this kind of poor drop in the pound in years. But British grief makes for American chance, and people should get a fashionable steal throughout their trip. London is a clear option, but savvy shoppers can escape the CBD and visit cities like Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.


Stockholm, Sweden


Though not famous for being an inexpensive escape from the United Kingdom, Americans must use the fantastic market to get an entirely new ‘Scandi Chic’ wardrobe. If you prefer dreamy minimalist culottes from Acne or would like to hunt down a brand new and exciting deal in Weekday, there is an infinite selection of stores to select from. Head to the cool Södermalm place for the best shopping, and make sure you try out a cardamom bun while you’re in Stockholm.

Riga, Latvia


Latvia’s exchange rate is a certain bet for informed UK-based shoppers, with economical however achingly trendy stores aplenty. Head to Miera iela (known to be among the most hipster areas on earth) to find excellent antique stores like Uzvalks un Kleita. For designer items, look for the SKALA boutique in the town centre.


Warsaw, Poland


Whether you’re searching for bespoke perfume, women’s wedges or designer clothes at trendy concept shops, the wonderful exchange rate implies that Warsaw is the ideal location for British holidaymakers to go shopping. Browse classic stores for example Safripsti or set your eyes on designer pieces at the Likus Concept Store.


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Famous for being a dreamy summer vacation destination, Dubrovnik is also a very great place to go shopping. For designer products visit the Maria Concept Store, in case you’re searching for something much more unique to Croatia get a set of cult women’s shoes from Startas.


Paris, France


The Euro is more affordable compared to pound, meaning that if you are flying from China then a jaunt to Paris is essential. Pick up as many designer items as you can because you are able to take home: Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton. A trip to famous concept shop Colette before it shuts is also crucial — only do not forget to observe a few of the sights as you’re there!


Tallinn, Estonia


Estonia’s currency conversion makes for a fantastic and unusual place to go shopping this summer. While all of the mainstream brands are seen at Tallinn’s biggest department store, Kaubamaja, checking out local designers can also be essential. Stop by the Estonian Design House to locate all of them under a single roof.


Ibiza, Spain


While it’s always been cool, Ibiza is getting significant traction. Visitors should visit Loewe’s pop-up in the Museum of Contemporary Art at which the brand is promoting its own Capsule Collection, motivated by Ibiza’s legendary Paula’s Boutique.

One Big Reason We Love to Travel – Its Healthy!

Traveling the world is not only fun and exciting; there is ample research to suggest it is highly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health too.

According to a joint study by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Centre for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association, travel makes you healthier. The research found that women who holiday at least twice per year have a significantly lower chance of having a heart attack compared to those who just travel every few years or so.

The exact same is true for men. Men who don’t take an annual holiday show a 20 percent greater risk of death and 30 percent higher chance of cardiovascular disease.

Although missing a connecting flight or losing bags at a foreign airport is guaranteed to boost your anxiety, travel has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels, and rather dramatically.

According to a research, three days after taking a holiday, travellers reported feeling less stressed, more rested and in a better mood. These gains tend to linger for months after the trip has ended.

Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth as we as increased integration of thought and the ability to form deeper connections between disparate forms. Travel alone is not enough, however, international travellers must be purposeful about participating.

The key is multicultural engagement, adaption and immersion. Someone who travels abroad without engaging with the local culture will likely get less of a creative boost than someone who immerses themselves in their foreign environment.

Most men and women are usually happier when they are traveling because they don’t have to worry about work and other stress-related issues. However, one of the very interesting takeaways from a Cornell University study is that individuals also experience an immediate increase in pleasure from simply planning a trip. The study found that the expectation of taking a holiday is much greater than the expectation of obtaining a physical possession. Thus, the advantages of traveling overseas start well before the trip does.

While people tend to stay away from the subject in our society, depression is unfortunately a significant issue. Thousands of Australians struggle with depression on a regular basis and it is not unusual for doctors to overprescribe medication for the illness.

Fortunately, there are healthier methods available for escaping the hopelessness of a depressed state. According to study, travel could be one of these. A study by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that females who holiday at least twice per year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic anxiety than women who holiday less than once every couple of years

So, there you have it, there are clear, scientifically-backed health benefits of taking a holiday or travelling abroad, time to start booking your next getaway.