The World’s Top 3 Beach Style Honeymoon Resorts

After all the frustrations of organizing a wedding come the honeymoon. And while it’s supposed to be a stress-free vacation, most couples end up getting drained from the decision-making alone. There are a lot of honeymoon activities and destinations to choose from. It all depends on the couple’s personalities, what they enjoy doing, and what they feel would make this post-wedding tradition unique and unforgettable.


In this article, we share with you the world’s top 3 beach style honeymoon resorts.

Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you’re one of those couples that enjoy doing absolutely nothing in paradise, the Four Seasons Bora Bora in French Polynesia is the perfect honeymoon resort for you. The villas in this resort are built over the water. That means guests can slip in and out of the water anytime they like. Aside from the lounging terraces of the villas, the resort also offers snorkeling activities in the resort’s Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary, paddle surfing lessons, and the best seafood salads in their onsite beach bar the Faré Hoa.


Entering the resort’s spa is like reliving your walk down the aisle, only much more dramatic. The temple-like complex’s spa rooms are built with see-through glass flooring which enables guests to gaze at different kinds of fish while getting the well-deserved massage in the comfort of being surrounded by beach coastal furniture. A 7-night stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora starts at £4,567 per person.

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St Lucia

You can make your Caribbean dreams come true when you check in at the Sugar Beach in St. Lucia. The whole property is a UNESCO territory, meaning you get to be mesmerized by the lush forests and the greeneries from the moment you wake up. All of the 59 villas are built on the hillside of the Piton Peaks. And if you check in at one of their pool villas, an enormous four-poster bed, impeccable interior design and an equally amazing terrace await you.


Top this all off is the resort’s Rainforest Spa that boasts treehouse massage rooms and a New York-inspired night lounge. A 7-night stay at the Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort starts from £2385 per person including return flights and breakfast.

Baros, Maldives

This list would not be complete without a representative from the Maldives. The Baros, a resort located in a lagoon, is not only one of the best resorts in the Maldives but is also one of the most secluded. The villas in this resort are all suited with sunbathing decks, some of them with private pools and gardens, to ensure the best coastal style experience.


It is also home the famous Lighthouse – an Indian Ocean restaurant which takes pride in its French cuisine. It is structurally made to make guests feel like they’re dining in the middle of the ocean. Manta rays and sharks which can all be seen over the restaurant’s perches will amaze you while you eat. If you want to make your honeymoon extra-special, this private resort in a coral island will do exactly that – and more with its award winning interior design style!

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Keeping Active in Retirement

As you age, among the most important keys for remaining healthy is to maintain busy, both physically and emotionally. Not only is it very important to work out your body to stay limber and powerful but additionally it is vital that you keep your brain sharp and engaged. Having a focus on keeping a balance between mind and body, you’ll be much better able to go to retirement and live an excellent retirement. If on the other hand, you decide to do nothing to further your health you might end up deteriorating at a faster pace and not able to enjoy the liberty you’ve worked so difficult to experience. So go on a holiday and explore the world, or look after yourself at home.

Listed below are a couple of simple but powerful ways to stay busy and healthy


Gardening is a superb way to stay fit and gives you a great sense of pride and obligation as you raise your vegetables and plants. While working in your backyard, you will enjoy clean air and sun. You can determine how emotionally involved you would like to become possibly leaving the heavy lifting to your friend or relative. In the event you opt to grow veggies, you’ve got the extra bonus of being able to consume them later knowing precisely what‘s gone in their expansion so far as fertilizers and pesticides. And youalso creatively engage your mind as you select what to grow and build the layout to find the ideal garden strategy to meet your space and tastes.


For People who enjoy keeping fit, swimming is a great choice. While allowing you stay busy, it’s much less impactful than other aerobic activities like running. Your hips and knees will be a lot happier as you cruise through the pool enhancing your endurance with each stroke. Swimming is also a fantastic alternative if you have recently had surgery as it might well be part of your rehab. And you never know who you could meet poolside.


In Addition to keeping physically active, it’s also significant to keep mentally sharp. This is very crucial for physically handicapped men and women who might be restricted in their skills. Puzzles offer you a challenge whilst adhering to the tantalizing promise of gratification if you finish the job at hand. The varieties are lots of such as Sudoku and crosswords or you might choose to try physical puzzles, like Rubik’s Cubes, which assistwith bodily in addition to mental dexterity. Games of chess or checkers that need strategizing and viewing numerous steps ahead will also be excellent. The lowly tic-tac-toe can get your juices flowing in case you’re so inclined.


This one may seem somewhat obvious but just choosing a Walk can be an excellent way to stay busy. Again, the workout is low-impact and only a 15 minute walk a day can work miracles. Take some opportunity to roam your area and see attractions that are nearby. Possessing a regularly scheduled walk period like after dinner or first thing in the morning can help remain on track. Many areas have neighborhood parks and hiking trails for the adventuresome. Even only a trip down the local specialty grocery stores or your favourite all-day breakfast cafe to will aid in your efforts to maintain muscle and joint health.


The Notion of doing something like yoga could make you uneasy, but it is really a wonderful method of keeping flexible andsupple. And you do not need to flex your legs behind your head, there are a few basic stretches which most individuals ought to be able to perform. Don’t rush and do not overdo it to prevent possible harm. Listen to this trained instructor who will steer you to guarantee that you do the poses properly to the maximum advantage. There are different sorts of exercise very like yoga, likePilates, which might also be of benefit and interest.

Become a part of your community

Giving back to the area we live and operate in may be quite rewarding. And research has verified that giving to charities if through your own time or cash – promotes physical health and psychological health. Volunteering is a satisfying way to become a part of the regionalcommunity. It is enjoyable, creates friendships and can be very good for your confidence. Additionally, it may be a terrific outlet for the natural abilities, values or beliefs.


It may be valuable to engage in safety training and information sessions as older individuals are more prone to trips falls and accidents. Get your hearing and eyesight tested regularly and participate in falls prevention training and invest in a bed sensor in case of any emergencies or incidents.

Give your body what it requires

While you might Have the urge to treat yourself with processed, sugar-heavy comfort food think again. Frequently those short-term delights can cause increasing distress as you age by inducing stomach bugs and even chronic illnesses. It is apparent that there’s a mismatch between what your body needs for energy and decent purpose, and what your brain wants to feel great. So it is important to keep a positive attitude towards wholesome food and if desired, trick your mind with affirmations which make you want to consume more whole foods.

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Holiday Skin Care Tips

From travelling plans to food prep and cooking to choosing out fits for outings, the holidays can be stressful all around. While we can’t help you book flights or cook the perfect roast, we can assist you and your skin to be ready for the festivities ahead this year. Here we discuss seven holiday season skincare tips to help keep your skin looking stress-free and lovely this season.

Tip 1: Cleanse your skin

Start your morning on a positive by cleansing your skin. This doesn’t just help eliminate sweat and pore-clogging debris out of the complexion, it may create a great clean foundation for your day’s cosmetics. You will feel refreshed and ready for the day after a gentle cleanse.

Tip 2: Apply ice

Speaking of wake-up calls (and late nights), absence of sleep may make your eyes to appear fatigued. To help fight tired-looking eyes, consider using chilled spoons or ice into an under-eye location. This might help temporarily de-puff the appearance of the delicate skin under your eyes. Ice can provide immediate relief to puffy eyes however use with caution.

Tip 3: Pick a nourishing skin primer:

Holiday festivities may be exhausting particularly if you’re juggling activities and commitments, and odds are you are going to be spending a couple more hours on your cosmetics than usual. To make sure your own face remains flawless and effortless select a makeup primer that may provide you greater makeup application and concurrently benefit skin. A primer sets the base for the rest of your makeup and is in direct contact with your skin, so selecting one that is suitable and has beneficial properties will be worthwhile.

Tip 4: Never forget lip balm:

If your vacation plans have been spent away from home, be certain to throw an excess lip balm on your handbag or luggage. Travelling can be drying and strenuous for the skin particularly if you’re traveling by air along with your lips are usually among the first areas to show signs of dehydration. Maintaining a hydrating lip balm available and employing frequently will help moisturise your pout and prep it to the year’s stunning dark lipsticks.

Tip 5: Remove your makeup:

Whether you have been baking and prepping food for hours or just had a few too many drinks and are over all the chaos of the holidays, washing off your makeup at the end of the day is critical. Plan ahead and have a jar of cosmetics removing micellar water along with your face moisturiser on the bedside table. In this manner, when it is time to hit the bed, all you need to do will give your complexion a couple swipes and you are done. You skin and pillow will thank you for not going to sleep covered in makeup.

Tip 6: Always stay hydrated:

Holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in a few extra cocktails, but alcohol can take a toll on the look of your skin. Imbibe sensibly and make sure you drink water in between glasses of wine or cocktails to remain hydrated.

Tip 7: Treat your skin to a detox or therapy:

On the morning following a vacation get-together or celebration, treat your complexion with a facial mask formulated with charcoal or other soothing ingredients. Go one step further and visit your local dermatology clinic and book in a delightful HydraFacial to purify and revitalise skin. If your skin needs an urgent refresh due to all the holiday damage book an appointment with your skin doctor and begin reinvigorating your natural glowing skin.


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What Goes into Building a Roller-Coaster

The heart-pounding, fast-paced excitement of roller coasters are delighting carnival and theme park goers since 1804, once the very first wheeled coaster opened in Paris, France. They can be seen when on vacation in a sunny location or in the peak of winter.

Why are roller coasters so remarkable with their ability to achieve breakneck speeds without using an engine? Each of the kinetic energy necessary to power a fully loaded rollercoaster throughout the track is filled up at the very first climb. The substances which are utilized in creating the roller coaster also alter the type of ride an individual can expect to have. There are usually two kinds of roller coasters: steel and wooden, both using the largest cranes to create the incredible structures.

Wooden Roller Coasters

Wooden roller coasters would be the first sort of coasters ever built. They’re made up of metal strip running rails mounted on a laminated wooden trail. Typical kinds of wood utilized include Douglas fir and walnut. The wood is painted and handled to stop short-term corrosion.

Wooden coasters encourage the trail through the usage of big trestle-style structures made from wood. The constructions are encouraged by ‘bents’, which can be created with pairs of 4 x 6 spaced apart and connected using a collection of cross chords and braces.

Concrete bases combined with nails and bolts support the wooden parts. Crucial joints are strengthened with metal plates. Wooden roller coasters need an immense number of components in their structure.

An important portion of the wooden rollercoaster allure comes from how in which the track sways since the rollercoaster makes its way round it. Many wooden paths are designed to influence around a foot or more to result. Stress limits are built into the plan, so there is no underlying danger.

Due to the physical limitations of timber frames, these coasters are for the most part non-looping, thicker banked, and more economical compared to steel building roller coasters, even though there are exceptions.

Steel Roller Coaster Construction

The steel roller coaster started its dominance in contemporary roller coaster arrangement when Disneyland introduced the Matterhorn Bobsled in 1959. The contemporary steel structure has since come into prominence and has been almost completely replaced wooden coasters all over the world.

Steel roller coasters utilize two forms of configurations to help keep the monitor. One is a slim, trestle-style structure along with another utilizes thick tubular supports. The track is generally composed of pairs of compacted steel tubes wrapped set up by metal stanchions and backed by means of a rectangular girder box or tubular trail affirms.

Much like wooden coasters, all surfaces have been polished and painted after construction is complete. Additionally, for example their wooden cousins, steel roller coasters utilize a good deal of materials.

Situated in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach at Blackpool, England, the Pepsi Max Big One rollercoaster demanded:

  • 1,270 piles driven into the dirt
  • 2,215 tons of steel
  • 60,000 bolts
  • 7,000 gallons of paint

On wooden coasters, the timber is cut to precise specifications, but nevertheless can’t bend beyond a certain level before stress gets crucial. Tubular steel coasters on the other hand, are shaped by heating and permanently bending the steel pipes to the desired shape. Each bit is then sent to the website where they’re fit right into place.

New manufacturing procedures, like those found on the New Texas Giant roller coaster, are utilizing custom cut planar bits. The bits are welded together in the mill and utilize specific jigs to hold them in position as soon as they’re joined. Since no bending or heating is needed, the tubular segments are more exact and also have an extended lifespan.

Since steel can withstand greater pressure loads than timber, steel coasters may package excitement into the ride which timber can’t match. Steel roller coasters could be assembled at hair-raising heights, comprise heart-stopping drops and inversions, and permit exceptionally steep embankments.

Roller Coaster Structure of Tomorrow

As technology grows more complex, innovation occurs. The roller coasters of tomorrow’s entertainment parks are very likely to be lighter, quicker, safer, and more affordable, using technologies that individuals would not have dreamed of half a century ago.

The Most Recent roller coaster layouts comprise:

  • Advanced aluminum and steel alloys
  • Quiet running urethane wheels
  • High strength fiberglass
  • Linear induction motors
  • Exceptionally sensitive detectors
  • Gyroscopic components
  • Stator coils

With the continuous evolution of new substances, coasters have evolved to encompass many different types. New coaster versions come in these varieties as:

  • Suspended coasters: Hanging automobiles are attached to a pivoted joint and fold at a side-by-side movement.
  • Flying coasters: The riders begins at a seated posture, but is rotated to face the floor as the ride has moving, mimicking flight.
  • Fourth dimension coasters: 2 chairs are positioned on both sides of the monitor and twist in their axis, either openly or in a restricted movement.

Advances in materials, science and computer engineering are very likely to keep on influencing the growth of roller coasters. The one thing that will most probably remain the same is transport methods in constructing the amusements such as drake low loaders and cranes.

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Is a Holiday Home a Good Idea?

First of all, your vacation home will probably be only that; a home away from home, where you could go on vacation with no preparation or cash needed. You may go there for a spontaneous weekend vacation, or spend a week. It is entirely your decision.

Another advantage is that the possible profit you could make in the case you opt to lease it from a tenant. Even in the event that you don’t wind up making substantial sums of gain from rent, it will assist in paying for items like insurance policy and maintenance on your vacation home, which you would be paying for from your pocket differently. Your property may also appreciate in value through time, increasing the internet value of your investment.

If your vacation home is also an investment, then it usually means that a number of the running expenses (for example, interest to a mortgage and maintenance) could be tax deductible, however, beware of the ATO’s limitations around this.

Speaking long term, a vacation house in a perfect location with access to all of the requirements could result in a superb main home after you retire as opposed to opting for a home extension. It might also be a great way for the child(ren) to test out living away from home and paying for rent.

The Pros

  • Rent-free vacations for you and/or friends whenever you like, for however long you need.
  • Possible profit/offset prices from renting out to tenants, together with potential appreciation in value.
  • Potential location to live in after retirement, and an effortless way for kids to check out living by themselves.
  • You may leave vacation toys there, together with household items you will desire, saving unnecessary packing and crating services each time you go away.
  • Lease income will offset maintenance expenses, loan prices and council expenses.
  • Hopefully, the house will appreciate in value especially with added features like stone bench tops.
  • There are tax benefits for you.

The Cons

Most important to think about is holding prices. If you cannot figure out how to discover a renter, then you are paying insurance, mortgage, maintenance prices and much more from your pocket, with no additional income. Even if you find a renter, the uncertainty and variance in lease rates means that you could still wind up needing to cover a few or lots of your house’s holding costs out of pocket.

Concerning locating a renter, it is important to keep in mind that the ordinary amount of high demand for vacation rentals is eight to fourteen days per year. If you’d like a vacation home for lifestyle purposes rather than investment, know the times when you’re want to utilize your vacation house are probably these high demand intervals, and that means you ought to find out the balance between private use and creating sufficient rental income.

The character of a vacation house usually means you will just test it a couple of times per year, so unless you’ve got a routine cleaner or a safety system, damage to showcase display systems or other issues with the house can go undetected and result in additional complications.

You may also get tired of moving to the identical area each time you go on vacation but nevertheless feel the need to move there out of duty as opposed to a real desire to spend some time in your vacation house.

Overview of the disadvantages:

  • Holding prices can be a significant financial burden, particularly in the event that you cannot locate a renter.
  • Expanding on this, finding a renter out of peak vacation times can be difficult, and the only instances when locating a renter is simple would be exactly the very same times if you would like to use your vacation house.
  • Injuries or damage can go undetected for weeks and may worsen if left too long
  • You have the potential to get tired of going to the exact same place each time you go on vacation
  • Your idea of the perfect escape place might not be in sync with other holidaymakers, meaning it might be hard to lease.
  • Like any investment, there’s the danger that the property might not rise in value sufficiently to offset the costs. You might need to wait around for a nice return on your investment.
  • You’ll need to factor in cleaning and management prices into your investment, and of course council expenses, upkeep and improvements such as plumbing services.
  • There’ll be additional ongoing costs to lease out your house, like providing linen, replacing lights. You will also need to organise backyard and lawn-mowing to maintain the property in a marketable standard.

Purchasing a vacation home hints

Should you decide to go down the vacation home route, remember the following purchasing tips:

  • Do not purchase at the peak. Falling in love with a beach home in the peak of summer, or even a ski lodge in the middle of a wonderful ski season isn’t a fantastic idea. Also, keep in mind if the property market is level an excellent property in a fantastic place will always find a purchaser.
  • Maintain a buffer. Even partly renting throughout the tenure to additional holiday-makers can incur costs, because these tenants could be hard-wearing than lasting tenants. Consider having a crisis buffer for ordinary items which can break down quickly or need replacement because of greater wear and tear.
  • Calculate ALL reasonable prices. Many vacation home buyers overlook that another house incurs another bunch of expenses: energy, water and council rates, maintenance, cleaning, yearly pest inspections, property taxation, insurances.
  • Can it be more economical to holiday-lease yourself, thus saving money for a house extension or renovation around your own home instead? Contemplate the long-term advantages of holidaying in precisely the exact same region on a long-term foundation.

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Retreat to Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

The Kohala Coast of Hawaii’s big island provides amazing sunset views you will not want to miss. While the driveway from KOA airport into Kohala Coast shows a range of lava fields and mesmerizing rock formations, you will find pristine sandy beaches across Kauna’oa Bay, home to the five-star hotel Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

My stay at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel marked my first trip to the Big Island. I knew to expect a more serene experience than highly populated Oahu, or even the tourist heart of Maui. On first impression, flying in with my Hawaiian Airlines connector flight, I was swept up with the stunning landscape of Hawaii, an island famous for its diverse geography and weather patterns. In the air, I was in awe of the way the lava fields weaved down to the sea, with black stone meeting glowing blue waters. After I arrived in Kohala Coast, however, I was thrilled with all the lush greenery, towering palm trees, and light sandy shores surrounding Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

On-Site Dining

The breakfast buffet in Manta was beautiful. As my first stop every morning during my stay, I enjoyed the open air restaurant with a panoramic ocean view. Pack t-shirts and bikinis and forget basketball hoodies and woolen sweaters – the air here is so pleasantly warm! This is a perfect way to start the day and fill up on regional preferences including local ingredients. I was very impressed with the assortment of hot and cold entrees, the bounty of fresh fruits and juices, and a made-to-order omelet and waffle station with a friendly attendant eager to create the perfect breakfast for guests.

Manta is also highly suggested for a sunset dinner. Rent sunroof cars from the hotel and drive down to nearby restaurants in town. Or visit the resort’s restaurant. It provides a fine dining menu featuring local ingredients that will appeal to fish and land lovers alike. For a beginner, I tried the seared dry rub scallops with a roasted corn relish. For my main entrée, I was thrilled with the tender macadamia nut encrusted Mahi Mahi, accompanied by a mild potato puree and sautéed baby bok choy. The culinary team at Manta is directed by Chef De Cuisine Rio Miceli and the set dinner menu is highlighted by daily specials.

On-Site Amenities

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel has an impressive art collection throughout the property. It was quite a joy to roam the sprawling property and revel in the range of artwork, elegant decor, and island influences. Several seating areas are sprinkled throughout the hotel, offering loads of gathering spaces for friends to settle in for cocktails and conversation. Needless to say, one of the principal attractions of this home is its beautiful location on the bay with a hot sandy beach within steps from the main building where a private basketball court with tourists in sublimated basketball uniforms is hidden tucked just behind it. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel provides beach towels, chaise lounges, cabana rentals, and a range of water action rentals so guests can paddle board, surf, or kayak the calm waters of Kauna’oa Bay. An equally pleasing spot to soak up the sun is the large beachfront pool. Complete with bar service and lush towels, the pool deck is a superb place to float beneath palm trees and sun, or reserve a private cabana to provide shade for the entire family.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is also home to an award-winning golf course. Added hotel activities include a tennis court with a nearby tennis store much like the Prelli tennis shop back home, beach club, yoga sessions, bocce ball courts, and indulgent treatments at The Mauna Kea Spa by Mandara. In general, I found the extensive assortment of amenities and outdoor sports and activities of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, especially the extended tennis racquet restringing service, to be of high caliber and with such attentive service, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the options

Area Attractions

Even though Mauna Kea Beach Hotel provides a quiet retreat, you’re going to want to spend some time exploring different regions of the Big Island. If wanting to create your own touring trip and explore the islands on your own, bring your car from home (though a very expensive option!) or rent one and just make sure you’ve got GPS navigation for car – you wouldn’t want to get lost as beautiful as Hawaii is! During my vacation, I ventured into Hilo for a day of exploring the east side of the island. Just outside of the town, I toured the Mauna Loa macadamia nut traffic center and, in city, Big Island Candies. As a coffee lover, I also enjoyed a leisurely drive through Kona coffee country, visiting Mountain Thunder’s farm excursion, sampling Kona coffee, and taking a minute to visit with resident kitty Hubert. There are hundreds of coffee farms on the Big Island, so if you are a java lover you will want to save room in your bag for a gorgeous number of beans to take home and enjoy.

My time on the Kohala Coast was soothing and relaxing, with luxurious hotel accommodations at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. Additional island draws were a short drive away from this silent retreat along Kauna’oa Bay, so I found this place to be an ideal sestination for a deluxe hotel to feel at home, while being within reach of everything else I could possibly expect to experience. I am already counting down to a repeat trip to Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and highly recommend this beachfront hotel for a scenic, tranquil Hawaiian holiday.

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From the Shore into the Vineyard

Together with her wood-panelled van and ‘uniform’ of shorts and flip-flops, Krystina Rossworm is about as far from the corporate world as you can get.

And that is exactly how she likes it. After years in the corporate world, Rossworm was ready for a change. She found what she was looking for right in her backyard, she realised, as she had food with her friend in Melbourne, Australia at a breakfast cafe looking through their menu: combining her love of wine with her love of the outdoors by directing wine-lovers across the Okanagan with her companion, Beach Bum Tours.

Rossworm had been in sales for a long time in the Okanagan, and she knew she was done. She said she knew she wanted to do something for herself and start her own company. She didn’t know what the company was, so she gave herself one year from May 1 last year to May 1 this year to think of a business.

She had known the wineries in Lake Country from living there, and then people kept calling her and asking to take their cousins from Australia who would enjoy Port Phillip and Yarra Valley vineyards and wine-touring. She recalled being in the car, driving people she hadn’t known and saying she wanted to start her own business but did not know what to do. She recalled that they would look at her and say that she ought to start a wine tour company.

With encouragement from a number of wineries in Lake Country, who believed Rossworm was well-suited to conducting a tour business, she switched to Community Futures in Kelowna. Together with Beach Bum Tours, Rossworm offers a wide variety of packages, combining some of her favorite activities, such as stand-up paddleboarding, with wine touring.

This tour company aims to make a laid-back, relaxed and enjoyable way to learn about the wine, spirits and beer created from the Okanagan. All of the tours are fun-focused – where they aim to be sure that you have the best experience when getting to know the wines of the beautiful area. They also feature beer and spirit tasting with tours to Kelowna’s local microbreweries and spirit distilleries. They’ve partnered up with local company to have a great number of different tour packages which have wine/spirits/beer together with wake surfing, boating, paddle boarding and yoga.

For Rossworm, every tour is unique and concentrated on that day’s specific group. She says it’s all about being able to read people. And the timing could not have been better: Beach Bum hosted its First tour April 29 this year, and her one-year company contract ended May 1. This month, she celebrated her 50th tour.

She believes that she was looking for a way to combine everything she loves. Coming from a corporate environment she realized that she just didn’t care and wanted to do something interesting, as she was coming into my 40s. Mother of two adolescents, who has lived in the Okanagan for 13 years, said she’d rather be poor and happy than well off and unhappy. She worked for a variety of corporations and she didn’t fit in. She liked wine, and she began her WSET (Wine Spirits Education Trust). Besides, it would be harmful to her health if she drank daily. So how did she join the wine sector without drinking all day? Become a tour guide.

With over 300 wineries in the Okanagan, Rossworm has chosen to concentrate her tours on the smaller wineries between Lake Country and Naramata – much like tour groups do for wineries in the Yarra Valley back home. Beach Bum Tours has hosted guests from all around the world, who’ve enjoyed any range of diverse tours, from the Surf and Sip Tour into the Twisted Tour, which will be a 75-minute personal yoga class either outside or in the winery, followed by a farm-to-table lunch and winery tour. All tours include pick-up and drop-off.

She says it is just knowing the wineries and what is going to fit with who is in the van. The company concentrates on the smaller boutique wineries that are funky and unique and cool like the real food and prepared meals from a lot of hidden but special suburbs of the world. There are so many tiny wineries and they want the exposure and they love to create a relationship with them, and they love to be certain their people will buy.

The one thing that they do not do is mix tours. For someone to reserve a tour they are celebrating something – a friendship, an anniversary, it could be anything – so the folks on the tour cannot be 100 percent themselves but then they say they don’t get a chance to develop some type of relationship together. Whether it’s 14 people or two individuals, by the end of the day they are all best friends.

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European Summertime Destinations for Shopping

Summer is a time for travelling and enjoying the sun, and you will require a new wardrobe to take on your next experience. Why don’t you select a destination which combines both? Read our manual to the cheapest and best places to go shopping for clothes and men’s and women’s shoes in Europe while enjoying a summer holiday.


Lisbon, Portugal


Arguably the most popular destination in Europe in the present time, Americans considering filling up their suitcases with genuine and lovely garments should head over to Portugal. Currently offering approximately 88 cents for a buck, shopping in Lisbon is a superb place to get started. Pick up bespoke women’s casual shoes to cherish forever at Sapataria do Carmo or look at Lanidor for sale pieces.


Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh, UK


Say a prayer for the UK, who have not seen this kind of poor drop in the pound in years. But British grief makes for American chance, and people should get a fashionable steal throughout their trip. London is a clear option, but savvy shoppers can escape the CBD and visit cities like Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.


Stockholm, Sweden


Though not famous for being an inexpensive escape from the United Kingdom, Americans must use the fantastic market to get an entirely new ‘Scandi Chic’ wardrobe. If you prefer dreamy minimalist culottes from Acne or would like to hunt down a brand new and exciting deal in Weekday, there is an infinite selection of stores to select from. Head to the cool Södermalm place for the best shopping, and make sure you try out a cardamom bun while you’re in Stockholm.

Riga, Latvia


Latvia’s exchange rate is a certain bet for informed UK-based shoppers, with economical however achingly trendy stores aplenty. Head to Miera iela (known to be among the most hipster areas on earth) to find excellent antique stores like Uzvalks un Kleita. For designer items, look for the SKALA boutique in the town centre.


Warsaw, Poland


Whether you’re searching for bespoke perfume, women’s wedges or designer clothes at trendy concept shops, the wonderful exchange rate implies that Warsaw is the ideal location for British holidaymakers to go shopping. Browse classic stores for example Safripsti or set your eyes on designer pieces at the Likus Concept Store.


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Famous for being a dreamy summer vacation destination, Dubrovnik is also a very great place to go shopping. For designer products visit the Maria Concept Store, in case you’re searching for something much more unique to Croatia get a set of cult women’s shoes from Startas.


Paris, France


The Euro is more affordable compared to pound, meaning that if you are flying from China then a jaunt to Paris is essential. Pick up as many designer items as you can because you are able to take home: Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton. A trip to famous concept shop Colette before it shuts is also crucial — only do not forget to observe a few of the sights as you’re there!


Tallinn, Estonia


Estonia’s currency conversion makes for a fantastic and unusual place to go shopping this summer. While all of the mainstream brands are seen at Tallinn’s biggest department store, Kaubamaja, checking out local designers can also be essential. Stop by the Estonian Design House to locate all of them under a single roof.


Ibiza, Spain


While it’s always been cool, Ibiza is getting significant traction. Visitors should visit Loewe’s pop-up in the Museum of Contemporary Art at which the brand is promoting its own Capsule Collection, motivated by Ibiza’s legendary Paula’s Boutique.

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One Big Reason We Love to Travel – Its Healthy!

Traveling the world is not only fun and exciting; there is ample research to suggest it is highly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health too.

According to a joint study by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Centre for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association, travel makes you healthier. The research found that women who holiday at least twice per year have a significantly lower chance of having a heart attack compared to those who just travel every few years or so.

The exact same is true for men. Men who don’t take an annual holiday show a 20 percent greater risk of death and 30 percent higher chance of cardiovascular disease.

Although missing a connecting flight or losing bags at a foreign airport is guaranteed to boost your anxiety, travel has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels, and rather dramatically.

According to a research, three days after taking a holiday, travellers reported feeling less stressed, more rested and in a better mood. These gains tend to linger for months after the trip has ended.

Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth as we as increased integration of thought and the ability to form deeper connections between disparate forms. Travel alone is not enough, however, international travellers must be purposeful about participating.

The key is multicultural engagement, adaption and immersion. Someone who travels abroad without engaging with the local culture will likely get less of a creative boost than someone who immerses themselves in their foreign environment.

Most men and women are usually happier when they are traveling because they don’t have to worry about work and other stress-related issues. However, one of the very interesting takeaways from a Cornell University study is that individuals also experience an immediate increase in pleasure from simply planning a trip. The study found that the expectation of taking a holiday is much greater than the expectation of obtaining a physical possession. Thus, the advantages of traveling overseas start well before the trip does.

While people tend to stay away from the subject in our society, depression is unfortunately a significant issue. Thousands of Australians struggle with depression on a regular basis and it is not unusual for doctors to overprescribe medication for the illness.

Fortunately, there are healthier methods available for escaping the hopelessness of a depressed state. According to study, travel could be one of these. A study by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that females who holiday at least twice per year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic anxiety than women who holiday less than once every couple of years

So, there you have it, there are clear, scientifically-backed health benefits of taking a holiday or travelling abroad, time to start booking your next getaway.

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